Extra Love Needed: Meet Curry

How old is Curry?

Curry will be three years old in May. His vet picked May 18, 2010 as his birthday. His “gotcha day” is July 27, 2010.

How did he come into your life?

I first saw Curry when my vet posted his picture on my Facebook page & said here is my new kitten. As I understand it, a Good Samaritan found him with a badly damaged front left leg & brought him to my vet. My vet had to amputate his leg & then she started thinking of a home. I think actually she posted the picture on my Facebook page before he even had his surgery. My vet knew there was a hole in my heart after we had to put our 20 year old Betsy to sleep in May. Curry helped to heal it.

Where did the name Curry come from?

Curry’s real name is Courage Joseph. My husband came up with the name. He said this little kitten will need courage in his life. We call him Curry Joe for short. He knows & responds to both names. I tried Sam & Micky, but they just weren’t right. Some people said Tripod, but I did NOT want to call attention to what made him different from other cats. Courage just fit.

Does he have any fursiblings he shares the house with?

Curry shares out home with two brothers–Mr. Gray who is about nineteen & Sharpie who will be six in May. He and Sharpie chase & run & play. He & Mr. Gray groom each other. He also has a sister who is unfortunately in our garage right now. She was a stray & when we couldn’t find her owner we were going to bring her in. But she tested positive for FeLV. So she needs to get retested & based on what that shows, we will go from there. Keep your fingers crossed she tests negative! And he also has 2 kitty friends who come by almost day almost to eat some canned food–Max & Peanut.

Is he able to climb like other cats or does he stay close to the ground?

We are amazed every day at what Curry can do. He runs And jumps and plays and has no fear. He climbs or jumps to the top of the cat tree and also to the top of other places he really shouldn’t be. He loves tall places.

Did he need any therapy after his surgery?

He didn’t need any therapy after his surgery. He was so young I”m sure he can’t remember being any other way. He had a bit of cage rest at the vet before we brought him home. He was so active when he got here that he had to go back twice and get his stitches repaired. He finally had staples. He didn’t wear the cone here. I had some cream for the incision, but he kept licking it off & chewing on the stitches. We tried to put the end of a tube sock on him, but it made him crazy. We tried baby undershirts, but they were way too big.

Did he need any additional care?

He doesn’t need any additional care now, but there are a few things I have noticed. Sometimes he hesitates to jump down after being so high. My only fear is that he will break his one front leg. So if I see he is wanting to get down I tell him to wait and I lift him down. Also, he sleeps differently than most cats. I put a pillow on the end of the bed & he props himself up on that. I have a cat tree and the perches have rounded sides and he loves that.
His amputation is right up at the shoulder. There is a tiny bone that juts out there that is still very tender after 2 years. I think it gets pushed the wrong way sometimes. I have mastered picking him up.
He also has a hard time walking on anything soft like a couch or a bed. Usually if he jumps on one he lays down right where he jumps. He likes to lay on the back of the sofa if our other cat does. He falls off if he falls asleep. Sometimes even when he is awake. I keep it as close to the wall as I can, so if he falls he falls onto the couch seat & not the floor behind it.

How’s he doing now?

I try to let him do what ever he wants. Even if I am cringing behind him. By that I mean things a cat with four legs would do.
People come in out home that haven’t been here before & I can see on their face when they first realize that the kitty zooming around only has 3 legs. And zoom he does. The faster he runs the less you notice he only as 3 legs. When he walks he lopes along.

Why did you start Curry’s KIN Bulletin Board?

I started Curry’s KIN Bulletin Board after being encouraged to do so by Mary, Fatboy Babushka’s mom. I had told her I thought that starting a page with all the raffles, contests, auctions, and events would help people. I thought that if they couldn’t remember who was putting something on, it would be nice to have a page to go to. With her kind encouragement I decided to try to start a page. We started on June 3, 2012. I added Curry’s name to it to make the name a little catchy. And he usually sits right by me when I’m on my laptop anyway.

What’s the best way people can reach you to add auctions/raffles to the board?

People can message Curry’s page:

Is there anything you would like to say to people concerned about adopting a pet that might need extra care?

I tell people that Curry, is special, not special needs. And all cats are special. I would tell them to go ahead & take the chance. You will make all the diference in the world to that pet. I know some pets with special needs will need more time devoted to their needs than Curry does. Just make sure you have the time to make the commitment. Don’t be afraid. The kitty doesn’t know any different probably. They just need love.

One thing I say is having Curry is a perfect example of how bad things turn into good things. I was grieving for Betsy and Curry was an outside cat in (as I understand it) a not very good part of town. If he hadn’t hurt his leg, and if my vet hadn’t had a soft heart and taken him in and fixed him up, he would likely not be alive by now. Instead he has a safe, loving inside home, and we have a cat that helped heal the hole in my heart. He has brought so much fun and laughter and love into our home. I’m so glad I didn’t say that it hurt too much to lose one and I couldn’t go through that again. And it may be that way for some people. But it wasn’t for us!

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Curry’s wonderful mom Miss Trudy  for letting me to a post about Sir Curry.. did I mention she’s wonderful??  She runs the Curry’s KIN bulletin board.. so if there’s a raffle, auction or giveaway you want to share, please let her know. Pictures for the article were used with permission. 

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Lazarus

Author’s Warning: The photos may disturb some readers as it looks like this sweet little guy had a bad accident, but he was born with a cleft palate. 

How old is Lazarus?

Approximately 7 months old

Where did his name come from?

Just like Lazarus in the bible, Lazarus the kitten is a wonderful miracle.

Was he born with the primary cleft palate or is that something that developed due to an injury?

Lazarus was born with a primary cleft palate in which his nasal passages are located in the inside of his mouth and he is missing the padding of the nose and upper lip.

How did he end up under your care?

I am a university professor and have also participated in some animal rescue work in my area. One of my college students found Lazarus roaming her neighborhood and gave me a call believing that I could help.

Did you worry about bringing him home?

My immediate thought was to get this little kitten to a vet. He had bone exposed on the top of his mouth, was infested in fleas, and was malnourished. After rushing him to the vet, it was also discovered that he had worms. My worry for him in my home was protecting him from additional harm from my many other pets. I also wanted to protect them from any health issues that he would have that could be passed on to other animals.

Do his siblings treat him any different?

Each sibling responded to Lazarus differently. Maggie, a yorkie, was happy to have someone approximately her size around. Elle wanted to protect him from the others. Vandy and Murphy were excited about the new addition. The cats wanted to check out his mouth. Char gave him little attention past that point. Moses, the cool guy in the house, was social with him but wasn’t ready to be pounced. He held his head tall around Lazarus. And Abraham, being the baby cat in the family, hissed at Lazarus to show his objection in being replaced as the baby. Over time, their relationships have all grown to be playful and loving with one another.

Does he take any medications or require extra monitoring or cleaning because he has no nose or upper lip?

Right now, Lazarus is off of medication. When I first got him, he required repeated prescriptions of antibiotics because he had so much infection in his mouth. I continue to have to monitor his nasal passages and assist with keeping those passages clear. I also monitor to ensure that there is no evidence of further infection. Lazarus sleeps with a humidifier to keep the passages moist, which reduces bloody noses.

Will he ever need surgery or will he grow into an otherwise normal kitten?

Lazarus has already undergone one surgical procedure to clean the infected areas and to extract “bad” teeth. At this point, we are not electing to do additional surgery because he has presented a medical need. If that day comes, we will proceed in doing what is needed to support Lazarus’ good bill of health.

What did you know about primary cleft palate before taking him in and what have you learned since?

Since I work in the disability field, I am aware of many different disability categories. It does differ when we are talking about a cat because we aren’t planning speech therapy, extensive dental care, or reconstructive surgery for cosmetic purposes. He is quite functional and happy the way he is. As in humans though, cleft palates are unique to the individual they belong to. Lazarus’ care is unique to Lazarus.

Is he able to eat dry food or does the food need to be wet or partially softened?

Lazarus eats dry food, which his doctors believe is less likely to be aspirated into his lungs. He is quite funny to watch when eating. He works really hard to keep the food in this mouth, but it does look like some sort of silly game his playing with the kibbles. He manages quite well in the eating department. He is my little hoglet.

Is he strictly indoors? Has he ever been outside since living with you?

Lazarus is an inside cat although he does go outside to play in the yard with supervision.

What would you like people to know about animals afflicted with this problem?

All animals even those with unique attributes such as a cleft palate just want to be loved and accepted. Since getting Lazarus, I have gone out into the community to share his story with others. People find him to be so cute and lovable. I hope that those positive thoughts will generalize over to people with disabilities as well. After all, everyone has something special and unique to contribute to this world…even Lazarus.

How often does he need to see the vet?

Lazarus saw the vet around every 2 weeks during his first 5 months of life. Since his surgical procedure to clear the infection, he has only been in once to his booster shots.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I encourage people to follow Lazarus at https://www.facebook.com/CareForLazarus. Frequent posts including pictures and videos are included. Also, Lazarus was highlighted in a Hooplaha video, which can be found at http://hooplaha.com/lazarus-rescued-kitty-miracle-story-2/.

Do you have a chip in or a place where people can donate funds to help with his continued care?

A Care for Lazarus fundraising site has been set up at http://fnd.us/c/1McM0. These funds will be used for cleft palate related care for Lazarus and any remaining funds will be utilized on animals with disabilities who need a medical procedure. One procedure on a cat with one eye has already been performed to close the empty socket.

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Lazarus & his mom for letting me interview them and sharing his story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on facebook at Care for Lazarus.

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Paolo

How old is Paolo now?

Paolo celebrated his 2nd birthday in September.

Where did his name come from?

Paolo was named by the wonderful volunteers at MEOW (Mercer Island Eastside Orphans and Waifs) Cat Rescue, the organization that found him.

Is having a concave ribcage something that happens often with cats?

No, a concave rib cage is not common with cats, but is a condition that Paolo’s mom had.

How did the surgery correct the problem? (what did the vets do?)

In order to help our brave Paolo, the vets at Seattle Vet Services (SVS) gave him a life saving surgery. They made an incision into Paolo’s rib cage, and fit him with a fiberglass chest piece.

How long was he in the body cast?

Paolo wore different casts while his body healed for five months!

Did he have to be separated from other kittens while he was healing?

Yes, Paolo was fostered by himself while he healed with Marnie, one of MEOW’s lovely volunteers

How did he get along with other cats?

Now that Paolo’s a-okay, he absolutely loves being with other cats! He has three adopted cat brothers and sister: Paisley, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Lilly Fa-Ying. They like to hang out on the cat tree condo!

Was he timid of people because he was born a feral?

Even though Paolo was found in the wild, he learned to love and trusts people.

How long did it take him to heal?

He spent five months healing from his surgery, wearing a cast the whole time.

Did he have to do any physical therapy?

He did not need physical therapy, however, he still walks with a slightly stiff gait from wearing the cast for so long.

What’s is life like now?

Life for Paolo is very exciting! He has been on KOMO 4 News twice, and even in studio for KING 5’s New Day Northwest, where he was a perfect gentleman. Paolo also makes appearances at various book signings in stores. At home, he loves to snuggle with his mom and dad, cuddling and giving ear kisses. Paolo loves to be brushed and hang out with the other cats in the family. We all love our Paolo, and are grateful to have him in our lives.

Is there anything else you would like to add about his healing journey?

In order to share his journey with the world, I wrote ‘Paolo’s Adventures.’ This book also helps children overcome the fear of doctors. So more cats like Paolo can be helped, a portion of the proceeds benefit MEOW. This book is available on Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1937454002/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&seller=

May I also list the link for MEOW and the facebook page for Paolo?

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Miss Carolyn for sharing Paolo’s  story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. 

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Twitch

How old are you Twitch?

My birthday is estimated to be May 16th, 2012 so that would make me 8 months old now. Since I was found as a stray, there’s no way to know my birthday for sure but meowmy thinks I was 3-4 weeks old when I was rescued.

Where did your name come from?

I have the wobbly head a lot of the time, especially when it’s time to eat or play. Also when I focus on something or try to sneak up on my brofurs and sisfurs. My head will wobble or “twitch” and that’s where I got my name. Meowmy and Dad came up with a few names but Twitch fit me and it’s been my name ever since. I have a few nick names too…Twitchel, Twitcher, Twitchie, meow meow boy MOL Meowmy is always calling me something silly but I still loves her!

How did you come into your meowmy’s life?

One day in June 2012, meowmy received a frantic Facebook message from one of her friends. She had found a tiny kitten in the middle of the road and couldn’t get him to eat and didn’t know how to take care of him. Meowmy responded and said she would come get me. She met her friend and picked me up. She didn’t think I was going to make it; I was very dehydrated and starved. I laid in her lap all the way home, unable to move or lift my head. She rushed me inside and gave me pure maple syrup mixed with water in a syringe. She knew this would bring my sugar up and help hydrate me. Over many weeks, meowmy continued to nurse me back to health with good food and lots of love. Dad didn’t want her to keep any more kitties so she tried finding me a good home (didn’t try very hard) but she had fallen in love with me. (She can’t resist me mol) She decided she couldn’t let me go and I’ve been here ever since.

When did your meowmy notice you were different from other kitties?

Within 2-3 days of me being here with her she knew I was different. Once I had enough energy to stand on my own, she noticed my head tremors and shaky body. I had trouble walking, fell a lot, and my back feet would go out from under me. She knew I had a neurological problem but wasn’t sure which one.

Were you officially diagnosed with CH or did your meowmy know from previous experience?

Meowmy has experience as a vet tech, vet surgery tech, and zookeeper. She has worked with just about any animal you can think of and has seen a lot of disease and illness in animals. She was able to recognize I had a neurological disorder or had been injured causing the neurological symptoms. She took many videos of me and sent them to her vet tech friends at a local 24 hour emergency vet clinic. One of the technicians responded that I appear to have CH, or cerebellar hypoplasia. Meowmy did lots of research and it seemed to fit my symptoms. The diagnosis was then confirmed at the vet when I went in for my first exam. They were able to diagnose by my head tremors and talking to meowmy about how I act at home.

Did your meowmy make any changes to the house to help you? (like adding rugs on tile floors)

When I was a teeny tiny kitten, about 4 weeks old, she did have to keep me in the bathroom with lots of rugs and towels. I was slipping and sliding around on the linoleum so she added blankies and towels and it helped me get around. I am able to walk on the slick floors now, except when I try to go really fast. mol I still slide sometimes and lose my balance. But for the most part, I get around really well. She also puts our kitty toys on the bed every morning so we can flip flop around on the bed and not get hurt. We get so excited about our catnip toys so it’s safer for us to play on the soft bed than the floor. Meowmy gets up and makes the bed, then it’s play time!!!

Do you and your fursibling Swagger play?

All the time! Brofur Swagger also has cerebellar hypoplasia and we’re both mild so we play really well together. We play on meowmy’s bed, snuggle up for naps on the bed or in our kitty beds, and even zoom from one end of the house to the other. mol We have so much fun 🙂 Meowmy leaves us alone for a bit and comes back and we’ve made a huge mess! Our beds are tossed about the room and there are kitty toys everywhere. We love catnip mice and jingle balls and go wild chasing and batting at them!

What advice do you or your meowmy have for anyone adopting a CH kitty or thinking their kitty may have CH?

Hmmm, they should make sure they know the severity of the kitty’s CH and understand any changes they may have to make to their house before adopting. For instance, some kitties with CH need specialized litterboxes or use pee pads and towels to potty. They may need some accomodations but CH kitties are well worth it. We would both recommend adopting special needs pets. They have so much love to give and are so grateful to their rescuer. If you think your kitty has CH, talk to your vet about the condition. It helps to print info about CH and take with you to your vet. There are still many vets, shelters and rescues who are not familiar with CH so it’s important to educate them.There is a group on Facebook for owners of cats with CH. They also work very hard to find homes for CH kitties in need. If you’re interested in adopting a CH kitty or have one of your own, you can visit and join the group at https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/CHcat/ There is even a page with lots of information and suggestions for CH owners or those looking to adopt. Great group and lots of helpful information.

What is CH and does it affect certain types of cats or is it preventable?

CH stands for cerebellar hypoplasia and it’s a disorder where the cerebellum in the brain is not fully formed. Generally kittens acquire the disorder while they are developing in their mother’s uterus. Their mom could be infected with a bacterial or viral infection, feline panleukopenia, caused by feline parvovirus, or it can also be caused by poisoning, injury or malnutrition. CH can also affect an unborn litter if the momma cat is vaccinated against panleukopenia while pregnant. CH doesn’t target any breed or type of cat; it can affect any kitten. Symptoms of CH include jerky movements, uncoordinated walking and sometimes head tremors. The good thing about CH is that it does not get worse as the cat ages and most cats even seem to get better as they learn to compensate for their lack of coordination and balance. CH cats have a normal lifespan and are not in any pain. They can do anything a “normal” cat can do…just in a different way and sometimes with some adjustments in the home. They are smart and can learn to use a litterbox, pee pads, towels or even bathroom rugs for their potty. Mild CH cats can usually eat and drink on their own while more moderate and severe CH kitties may need some assistance. Swagger and I are able to eat, drink, and use the litterbox on our own. Sometimes we make a little mess if we fall in our litterbox. It’s harder to potty when your head bobbles and you aren’t very coordinated so sometimes we fall or step in our poo and pee. Meowmy just cleans our little paws with soap and water and it’s no big deal.

Is there any other information you would like to add?

I live with my meowmy, Dad, 3 great danes, 2 toy poodles, a rescued chihuahua, and 2 other rescued kitties. My kitty brofurs are Timmy and Swagger. Timmy is a chunk mol and he’s an indoor/outdoor kitty. He is 4 1/2 years old and was found in an old lady’s ceiling with his other littermates. He was about 3 weeks old when he was found and meowmy’s auntie bottle fed the litter and then meowmy adopted Timmy. Swagger is my CH brofur and he was rescued in Jacksonville, FL and transported to us in October 2012. A very mean person threw Swagger out the window of their car and someone picked him up and brought him to a vet hospital. That’s where Miss Leslie agreed to take him in and nurse him back to health. He was very dehydrated and weak but with her loving care, he made it! We are very close in age and get along so well. I’m 8 months and Swagger is 9 months old. We’re inseparable and I’m so happy to have a wobbly brofur to play with. Swagger and I both have mild CH. I have head tremors and balance and coordination problems. Swagger has some balance and coordination problems but also spins in circles sometimes, especially when he’s excited. We love our fur siblings and are so happy to be rescued and living the good life!





Author’s Note: I would like to thank Twitch and his mom for letting me interview them and sharing his story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. 

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Oscar

How old are you?

The Vet says I was about 7 years old when I was found. That would make me about 9 now!

Where did your name come from?

My mom loves films and loved both the Odd Couple and Splash. They are very cute NYC based stories. My name was already Oscar coming from the shelter. So my last name is Madison based on the Mermaid in Splash and also is coincidentally the name of the funniest character in the Odd Couple, Oscar Madison. It just worked perfectly!

Were you born without the use of your back legs?

I can’t remember a lot from the past but the Vet said I probably could walk but was injured somehow. I may not be able to “walk” now but I can RUN!

How did you come into your family’s life?

I don’t remember how I came to be under the Williamsburg Bridge. But that is what all the papers filed and people say. I was left under the bridge on the Lower East Side at Delancey Street dragging myself. People picked me up and took me to animal services. I was put on Dog Death Row.

But I never lost hope. The kind people at NY Pet-i-Care saw me on the Urgent Facebook page and pulled me out.

My first day off of Death Row at NY Pet-i-Care’s house!”

My new family saw me at the Vet’s office, the one who rescued me with NY Pet-i-Care, and my parents said they fell in love me at first sight!

And the link to the pic where he says: “First meeting!”

I am now happy with my new forever family. Since then my poppa brought us Tiki who was also once in a shelter. We are now a family!

Tiki and I did the Harlem Shake!

Was it hard adjusting to the Walking Wheels wheelchair?

It was weird at first because I could zoom along just fine on my own but the sidewalks are pretty hard and a guy needs some good wheels to take on NYC streets!

How long did it take to get the hang of it?

I liked it okay for a few weeks, but then one day I just took off on it and it was like the easiest thing. I like chasing after other dogs and showing off for them now its like I’ve been in the wheelchair all the time. I’m a pro!

One of the first times I really had fun in the wheelchair now its easy!

What exactly is the Drag Bag?

It’s a strong bag that attaches like a collar around my neck and has a wide strip that goes down my chest to the attached bag that protects my legs from getting scratched when I’m zooming around! I get a lot more speed with it on too so we call it my Drag Racing Bag!

My mom made this funny film of me you can see me racin around the dog run after a nice doggy!

Do you need any type of therapy?

I don’t have any therapy I go to but it helps that I have a ramp to go up and down to my bed so I get to work all my muscles.

My ramp video

I love to run around the dog run in my bag and my wheelchair and that is the best therapy. “One day my mom hopes to get me Nose Cell Transplant Therapy.
To read about it click here.”

One of the Drs who invented it in the UK moved to the University of Iowa and if they can get funding they can offer this to dogs in the US. My momma says she would take me there to get it one day and maybe I’ll be able to walk like Tiki again. Even if that never happens I am happy and healthy and have fun!

What message would like to give to other handicapped pets?

That nothing should stand in your way of a good life! Get up and run and walk and jump in any way you can. Love your family and SMILE at everybody you meet on the street so they think to themselves, what a sweet pet! I would love to help a pet like that too! No one should ever feel sorry for you!

“I Feel Sorry For Handicapped Dogs”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

To everybody, please adopt shelter pets! Puppies, Seniors, Special Needs they are all capable of being the best friend you have always been looking for! They are waiting for you right now and can give you so much love!! You can save a life, and change the world for them and make yourself very very happy too! Its a WIN WIN and a LOVE LOVE!

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Oscar and his mom for letting me interview them and sharing his story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. You can visit him on facebook here or check out his other youtube adventures here

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To honor all of the wonderful extra love needed pets that were featured on my blog..the facebook party is at the Furry Paws Disco on 3/24 at 4pm edt here is the link for details.. https://www.facebook.com/notes/peace-love-whiskers/raffle-details-and-party/494812007243433

Today is the last day to register for the raffle.. winners will be announced at party.. there are some great prizes and all the donations for the raffle will benefit the World’s Greatest CatHouse in Englewood, Florida where they are taking care of 200 special needs cats.

I would love to get close to the $1500.00 needed for daily expenses at the World’s Greatest Cat House and make this raffle and party both a success.


Extra Love Needed: Meet Blacky

** Blacky’s wonderful mum asked me to share the link for the contest http://bit.ly/13cgkAw, his mum is trying to win the first prize to cover his needs. So please share the link, the post and vote.. the contest is open until August 20th **

The contest is being held by a company called Warehouse, which from the looks of their website it’s like a Walmart (to us Americans) but without the food. So they have bits and pieces of everything.


How old is Blacky?

Blacky is seven years old

Where did you name come from?

I named him based solely on his colour (black).

How did your mum find out you needed extra care?

I have had blacky since a kitten watched him be born out of a litter of two and couldn’t stand to give him up.

How often does he use his wheels?

He only uses his wheels for outdoors the rest of the time he drag himself around however he does lift my back hips up now. He walks around really face and likes sliding on wooden floors.

How long did it take to get used to the wheels?

It took a few months to get use to the wheels until, but once he was outside he liked them a lot better than dragging himself around.

Does Blacky do any therapy/rehab?

Wanted to get him into water therapy have the life jacket but sadly he got singled out with places and they were not keen because he is not a dog , apart from that we just rotate the legs and massage.


Anything else you would like to share?

Sure, here’s the biography from his page:

I am a one eyed cat due to an ulcer that ruptured in my eye. Several years later I was hit by a car and left with spinal nerve damage and paralysis in my rear legs and bladder. However I can now feel my legs if you tickle them and sometimes I move or stand on them and make people very proud. Just last year I had perianal urethrostomy surgery cause my bladder kept blocking. The surgery was a success yeah I dont have my male bits now but im still a boy . I live my life spoilt rotten and like to tell my story so I can show other cats that no matter how much u have lossed in life their is still plenty to live for . I also have a wheelchair the only cat in new zealand with one that we know of I have been on 3 news and lots of times in the paper and my mummy has also been on talk back . One day I hope to thank everyone that helped fund my wheels . As I am very grateful love you all so much love, Blacky.

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Blacky and his mum  for letting me interview them and sharing his story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. Visit him on facebook here or join the group to get more updates here

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Mishu

Mishu 2

How old are you?

A kitty never devulges such information, teehee. Actually I will be 9 years young this July.

Where did you name come from?

I don’t know, this was the name I was given at the ASPCA. Meowmy adopted me with this name and she kept it. I actually answer to it!!

Mishu 4

How did your mom find out about your hyperthyroid?

The ASPCA had told momma that I had hyperthyroidism when she called to ask if I was still available. We think they were trying to scare her off from adopting me since she had never been a cat momma before, but momma doesn’t scare easily, she still came to meet me anyway.

What medications/treatment do you need for it?

This is a tough one. Hyperthyroidism is usually a condition that older kitties get and I was diagnosed when I was one and a half years old. The only medication that is effective is called Methimazole. (Also know as Felimazole). But this medication has horrible side effects when used for too long. It can cause your liver to fail. Which is where I am at right now. I have been on this medication for almost seven and a half years now. You can also have surgery to remove your thyroid completely but than you need to take tyroid hormone replacement pills for the rest of your life, and I HATE pills. So my last option that is available is called Radio Iodine Treatment. Which I go in for in 23 days. This is where they inject you with radio active iodine. Since the Thyroid is the only body organ that picks up Iodine, the radio active iodine attacks the bad parts of my thyroid and any tumors that may have grown from the disease and kills them off so all that is left is the good working part of my thyroid gland. And a cool side effect, momma says I will glow in the dark for a couple of weeks. I think she is pulling my paw though!! MOL

Mishu on Couch

What happens when you become the Mishinator?

Hey, who told on me. I never become the Mishinator. O.K., guess the secret is out. And whoever let it out will soon meet the Mishinator, MOL. Well, you see, I spent a long time in a tiny cube at the ASPCA with only 30 minutes a day of freedom and human interaction, so I can get, well, a little mean. I mean I don’t get like the Hulk and turn all green and lumpy like he does, but, well lets just say keep you fingers and toes inside the ride vehicle at all times when I get cranky. I will hiss, claw and bite at whatever comes across my path. For the first few months, when I came to live with mommy, all I did was hiss at her and bite her. But she said it was alright. She knew I wasn’t really mean, I was just scared. I had been adopted out twice before and returned and than fostered once and returned so I had a hard time trusting humans. I am sure glad my meowmy never gave up on me. We have been together almost three years now and I love it here. And I love her too!!

Does your mom have any advice on checking for symptoms of hyperthyroid or care?

Yes, the first and most tell tale sign of hypertyroidism is your kitties eating habit. If your kitty starts eating a lot of food, almost like it just can’t fill it’s belly, that is the first sign something is wrong. A ravenous appetite is the best clue a kitty momma or daddy can get from their kitty that something is not right. Momma suggests taking your kitty in for a T4 test if this happens with your kitty. That is the test that measures how well your thyroid is working. The normal range is .8 – 4.8 (mine is 19 as of last month and that is on medication) and if your kitty is out of range than meds should be started asap. This will give your momma or daddy time to decide whether they want to continue with the meds, get the surgery or the radio iodine treatment. Momma suggests if you can afford it to do the radio iodine treatment. The medications can cause liver failure and hyperthyroidism itself can cause heart, liver and kidney damage. The only true cure for it is the Radio Iodine treatment. Momma only wishes she knew when she adopted me how bad the meds and the condition were, she says she would have had my treatment done than so I didn’t have my liver failing on me right now. The good news is is that the condition hasn’t harmed any of my other organs and with this pill Denamarin I am on (for my liver) my liver will be completely restored in just a few months after my treatment.

Mishu 5

Anything else you would like to add?

Everyone please be kind to each other. This is a tough world we are living in. It is much easier to go through this life being kind to those around us as opposed to being mean and hateful. And always remember, if kitty wants your side of the bed than you better let him or her have it, because I do give lessons on how to become a Mishinator in three easy steps!! 🙂 MOL.

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Miss Mishu  and her momma for letting me interview them and sharing his story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. 

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To honor all of the wonderful extra love needed pets that were featured on my blog..the facebook party is at the Furry Paws Disco on 3/24 at 4pm edt here is the link for details.. https://www.facebook.com/notes/peace-love-whiskers/raffle-details-and-party/494812007243433 There’s also a raffle that is going on from now until the 23rd and the winner announced at the party.. there are some great prizes and all the donations for the raffle will benefit the World’s Greatest CatHouse in Englewood, Florida where they are taking care of 200 special needs cats. I would love to get close to the $1500.00 needed for daily expenses at the World’s Greatest Cat House and make this raffle and party both a success. =^..^=

Extra Love Needed: Meet Tooga & BlueBelle

Author’s Note: First and foremost I want to thank Miss Linda for taking time out of her busy day to speak with me about Tooga and BlueBelle. Second, I want to thank Miss Noel one of the admins of the Paws for Causes page for introducing us. Third many thanks from Miss Linda for the kindness from several key people in assisting with the treatment of her furbabies- Jazzie & the Gang along with Crazy Pumpkin. All pictures were used with permission, please visit Tooga at Tooga’s Tales on facebook.

Sir Tooga..

How old are Tooga and BlueBelle?

He will be 3 this summer, she will be 12 in August.

How did they come to live with you?

BlueBelle was purchased from a pet shop when a breeder had a mistake litter. I believe she is part Siamese and part Snowshoe.  I saw her at the pet shop and fell in love with her there and then. She was a pampered princess until Tooga came into our lives. He was the only survivor and unweened as his mom and brother died after being hit by a car. He was tiny and was covered in fleas and I took him in got him cleaned up and was worried about BlueBelle attacking him, but it was he who went chasing after her. He rules the roost.

Miss BlueBelle

What happened to them?

Well I was out of town and had previously given them the Advantage Flea Control and had left the funds to a friend to purchase more for them, unfortunately they purchased  Hartz Ultraguard and gave it to them. When I returned on a Friday evening Tooga was crouched down, trying to hide with his tongue out. Before I left he was in perfect health and now there was something terribly wrong.  He started to drool and have seizures, I was $25 short of the funds needed to even be seen by the emergency vet and had to wait in agony until Monday. Thankfully I had friends from Jazzie and the gang and Crazy Pumpkin help me through that weekend.

The vet ran tests and it was 4 days later when I was finally told that my cats had been given Hartz instead of Advantage. The vet told me to prepare for the worse as Tooga was close to death. He had gone from a healthy 9 pounds to under 7 pounds in 2 weeks. It was then I called Hartz, though they would not admit to their product causing the problem, they did pay to have a toxicology test done as well as covered the $2,000 vet bill.

The test came back with lethal levels of toxins in his system. He survived, but has to be fed by syringe every 4 hours as he cannot eat by himself.

BlueBelle’s reaction was not as severe  she did lose fur on her belly and her belly was bloated.

Hartz only paid toxicology for Tooga.

All other Vet cost, BlueBelles care and food have been out of pocket. The cost that I’ve incurred is just over $3000. Hartz has stated they will cover cost as soon as I submit paperwork.

What are they currently eating now?

Tooga’s food for one day..

Tooga is fed Hill Science Diet critical care, 3 syringes full every 4 hours. Tooga’s food is approximately $75 per month.

BlueBelle has a special diet eats a high protein diet with yogurt & Gerber carrots & spinach added to help her digestive system. She does get belly massages to keep things moving.

Does Tooga not recognize he’s hungry or can he not eat?

He will walk by the food or try to eat, but he can’t swallow. That’s why I feed him. The feeding is done on top of the washer for easy clean up. He will let me know by growling or clawing at me when he is full.

What about getting enough water?

Both cats love to play in the water, I have three water fountains and BlueBelle knows how to turn on the bathroom faucet. Through playing in the water, the food Tooga gets and the cleaning of his paws he gets plenty of water.

Does Tooga play like normal cats?

Yes. We just have to cut the play session short with him before he gets to excited otherwise he starts to have tremor/mini seizures and wants his blankie where he nurses it for 30-40 minutes then climbs into my lap and rests for the rest of the day.

Are there any problems with him using the litterbox?

No, there was when he was initially sick due to dehydration, but we’ve had no problems since.

Tooga taking a rest

Do you accept donations towards their care?

No. Thankfully they are well taken care of, if anyone would like to do something please donate toward a local cat charity, or if you don’t know of any donate to Paws for Causes, Zombie Kitty Attack or towards the kittens in need that Fatboy Babushka supports. We are very lucky to have gotten so much love and support from the facebook animal community. I am very grateful to Crazy Pumpkin’s mom and Jazzie and the gang’s mom.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Yes. Some days are good and some days are bad, we just take it day by day. I don’t know of any support groups for those whose pets have been affected by Hartz products but please spread the word. The money you save on the flea control  by purchasing Hartz could cost you more time and money in the long run.

Opinions from Others

I asked around on Google+, Twitter, Facebook for input on what they thought about Hartz and here is what a few of them had to say:

We used Hartz flea and tick drops for Wolverine and Sheba. I think the initial application burns a bit because they REALLY didnt like it. After that though there were no problems – Jason H. 

I have seen it cause seizures several times in patients while working at the clinic. The veterinary world has known about the dangers associated with products like Hartz, Sargents & others like it for at least 10 years now but do you think anyone will listen? – Diane E. 

I’ve never had any luck with hartz products, certainly not their flea collars. Its easier to do the squirt on the fur flea prevention. Their shampoo smells good, but I think you have to use it waaay too often, and then it may not work. It seems to me, Hartz is very old school, and many other products are out that actually work and work quicker, easier, or more efficient, even though they may cost more. – Sharon M. 

 A lot of over the counter flea products are not good for pets, I’ve seen a lot of bad things happen when people use them. Veterinarians never recommend that product… ever. – Ann S. 

I personally have not used Hartz products on my cats nor will I ever. My vet has even stopped selling them due to the info I gave them. I hate what the poison has done to Tooga and so many other beautiful animals! – Laura J.

this horrible product should not be available any more. I won’t even buy their toys – Courtney S.

Ma Momma was always afwaid tew use fles atuffs on us dat weren’t fwum the beggie… But i used tew wear a fwea coller dey made when I was little but I don’t wear dems anymore

My Momma was always afraid to use flea stuffs on us that wasn’t from the vet. But I used to wear a flea collar they made when I was little but I don’t wear them anymore. – Spamuel M. Meemo


http://www.hartzvictims.org – A website dedicated to spreading the word about other Hartz victims.

http://brokenhartz.wordpress.com/ – A Blog spreading the word about Hartz products

http://against-hartz.110mb.com/ – Another website about the danger of using Hartz and the victims left behind.

http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2010/03/hartz_mountain_court.html – A news article about a man winning a lawsuit after losing his beloved dog after using a Hartz product

https://www.facebook.com/HartzIsKillingYourPets – A facebook page dedicated to spreading the word about Hartz

For those that think their pet may be or may have been affected by over-the-counter flea mediences please check out http://www.hartzvictims.org/need-help/

Author’s Note: While I have made every attempt to be neutral in the article and carry only the opinion of Miss Linda who is the guardian of Tooga and BlueBelle, I personally will no longer be purchasing anymore Hartz products for my furbabies. They have had Hartz products in the past and not had any problems, but I no longer wish to be associated with a company that has had legal issues and has been “paying” off pet owners. There is no true price one can put on their pet, they are family and for Hartz to treat them with such disregard is appalling. I strongly encourage everyone to research the products you are giving your pets and become more involved. Thank you for reading.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0HK24wG_mA – Video of a cat who was treated with Hartz

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdG9mcsP21M – A video of another cat treated with Hartz



Extra Love Needed: Meet Spamuel M. Meemo

Author’s Note: Spamuel M. Meemo has taken over the blog for the day to share his and his fur siblings stories: 

Helwo, ferst I wood like tew say fankies fer taking da time to interview me and my siblings.  We are bery excited fer the opportunity tew tell our stories!!

Hey that’s me.. spammy!

I am Spamuel M. Meemoo, but most ob ma furrends just callz me Spam.  I habs tons of nickynames like Spammy, Meegee, and lot of others.  I am eleben (11) years old and will twelb (12) on April Fools Day. My Momma jokes and says I’m frum Isspambul (sounds like Istanbul) and dat I wide a magic carpet tew get around.  MOL!! She’s sooo silly!!  I talk a lot and if you talk tew me I’ll always talk back.  I like tew greet Momma at the door when she comes home cause I love huggies & if you pick me up and danse with me and sings songs with my name in them I will power-purr 🙂 I was born in Milford Delaware and was just to be “set free” in town cause I wasn’t a wanted kitten, but once my Momma heard dat she said NO WAY bring him tew me and frum dat day on she said dat I am da apple of her eye <3  I’ve shared her pillow since da first night Momma took me in and now she can’t sleep good wif out me there.  My Momma used to foster goggies (mostly pittbulls) until dey were found furrever homes so I don’t mind being awound dem at all.  And I was also waised wif 2 ferrets “Ava” & “Hitman” and 1 babbit “Toast” (dey have since passed away frum old age and I miss dem bery much)  so I don’t chase small animals or try to hurts dem or nuffin’!!  My Momma realized when I was abowt 6 years old (and I weighed 18 pounds) dat I was dwinking A LOT of water, and I do mean A LOT and I had a ravenous appetite constantly so she took me tew Dr. Little (my veggie) and dey did blood work and realized I was diabetic.  My weight, from being free-fed, was my big pwoblem, so I was put on 2.5mg of Glipizide twice a day and started tew have a set feeding schedule wif a set amount of Purina DM food.  That seemed to werk for 3-4 years and my weight went down to about 11ish pounds, things seemed fine.  Then out of no where my water intake went back up , my appetite went cwazy again, but I lost lots ob weight.  I was down tew 8ish pounds in less than 2 months.  So back tew da veggie I went.  More bloodwork was done and it was decided dat I needed insulin.  So now I get 2 shots of insulin a day, 1 after each meal, and the amount of insulin varies but it’s usually about 2cc.  I fink my Momma was more worried bout the needles than I was.  We learned dat it’s best to change up the injection sites so no certain area gets sensitive and I usually come to Momma when it’s time for ma needle.  It’s like my body knows when I need it.   As a diabetic I would tell people to NOT free-feed, a set feeding schedule seems tew werk best and it doesn’t take long to get used to it.  And Moms and Dads PLEEASE pay attention tew your pets fluid intake cause it really can be a big indicator dat sumfing is wrong. Too much can be just as bad as too little!! Well enough abowt me!!  I’mma give the floor tew my bruver Jack.

Sir Jack

Hiya eberyone!! I am Jack Cousteau, I am 8 years old and I am a Turkish Angora.  I power-purr if you call me pretty even though I’m a boy.  I love eberybody and loved tew be brushed!!  I can’t meow, I try hardm but I’m lucky if a tiny sad squeak comes out.  My birthmother abandoned me as a kitten, probably cause I was so sick!!  My whole face was mucky and snotty and yucky.  When Daddums found me he knew right a way dat ifs I didn’t get tew da veggie as soon as possible I was NOT gonna make it and he was right.  The veggie got me all cleaned up and was ables tew ungunk ma eyes and face and wealized dat sumfing was wrong wif my eyes.  Being an all white cat can have it’s down sides eben though I am very pretty and fluffy.  One ob my eyes looks like a blue marble and the ober one is half yellow half bluish green.  Dr. Little gave daddums medicines for my eyes but she said it was very unlikely dat I would see outta my marble eye.  But dats ok, I dew da best I can wif my other one even though my veggie keeps a constant check on it cause it’s slowly gettin cloudy.  Usually you wouldn’t eben know I was blind by da way I play and stuffs, UNTIL Bella sneakies up on me on my bad side and scares da cwap outta me.  Dere are times when I miscalculate distance wif jumps and stuff and end up looking anything but graceful.  I am lucky that I’m not deaf in either ear though cause a lot of all white cats are.  And I have super keen hearing so not too much (besides Bella) eber surpwises me. My hearing definately makes up for the lack of vision and Momma always makes sure to say ma name ans stuffs so I know if she’s walking around me so I don’t accidentally walk underfoot and get stepped on.  I’m known to be a feisty player wif other katties but I’m a snuggler and lover when it comes to hoomans.  My favorite toy is a laser pointer cause I can see dat super good!!! (as long as it’s not on my bad side)  Someone pweeasewemind Momma dat da batteries are dead in my laser pointer, fankies!!!  Now I’mma give my bruver Hitch a chance to purr at yew!!

Sir Hitch

Hi, I’m Hitch.  I’m a Bombay.  I’m 3 years old and I’m the biggest katty in the howse.  Momma says I’m a “beefcake” and must lift weights when no ones home..  I’m all muscle!!!   I adopted my parents, they didn’t adopt me.  I showed up outta no where with a mangled bloody face.  Everyone suspects I was thrown from a passing by vehicle and landed on my face.  I have a trama caused cleft-lip, but Momma called it a cleft face.  Because of this, I actually have 3 nostrils.  Mean people on FB have called me a “basement face” but heck with them.  My momma says I’m sexy and dats all dat matters.  I snort and sneeze a lot and I over heat very easily.  I have a lot of sinus pwoblems but thanks tew ma parents and my veggie they keep me fixed up.  If I play hard wif Katikorn and get hit in da nose I start to have a sneezing fit and have tew time out til it stops.  Luckily I can eat and not have pwoblems but sumtimes if I drink fast it’ll drip out of my nose.  It’s just weird.  But Momma just says calm down Monster and take yer time, and I do, then eberyting returns tew normal…MOL.  Yes momma calls me Monster, but not in a bad way, she says that I’m soooooooo black that I can hide under the bed and scare the boogeyman away!!  So I’m “Momma’s Bed Monster”!!  I like to talk and I play fetch.  But my favorite is when Momma says “Give me pounds” and I head butt her!!!  Welp It’s time fur yew guys tew meet da girls….

Bella approving mommy’s new sewed cat bed.

Well Hello.. I’m Bella, nice to meet you.  I’m 7 years old and as soft as a chinchilla.  I’m not much of a talker but I do like to chirp when I’m happy!!  My father found me abandoned at a recycling center and took me home.  It took a long time for me to feel comfortable around people.  I’m so shy only 3 other people have ever touched me beside my mom and dad.  I got my name switchblade because I used to be very crazy and would dice someone up with my nails in a heartbeat.  When Momma came into my life she helped me trust and taught me that not all people are bad, and that I don’t always need to hide in fear from every sound I heard.  I now have become a very loving social katty and as long as everything at home stays calm, I’m a very relaxed girl!!  Mom really believes in positive reinforcement and that has changed my life <3  Well I don’t have much to say so thank you and nice to meet you!!!

Katikorn saying hai!

Hello hello hello I’m Baby Katikorn Moonshine!! Momma and Daddums fownd me on da side ob da woad the day before hurrycane Sandy.  I was appwoximatly 4-6 weeks old when dey found me and Momma didn’t get much sleep with all the botle feeding I needed.  I’m very healthy and I keep the house in a constant state of kitten-krayzeeness!!  I lubs eberyone and eberyfing.  Momma had tew re-kitten-pwoof da house when I showed up cause I fink eberyting is a toy.  I learned to play fetch now and I lubs tew gib kisses!!  When I first wake up, I lubs tew be picked up so I can SUPER-STRETCH!!  I’m always happy.  I like tew talk a lot tew!!  I watch tv and like tew chase da mouse pointer on da computer scween!!  I’m somewhere betweens 4-5 months old now and have the attention span of a gnat!!  Well gotta go… Tyme tew play again…Nice tew meet yew…. xoxoxo puuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssss

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Spamuel M. Meemo for sharing his story and the stories of his furry siblings as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. 

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To honor all of the wonderful extra love needed pets that were featured on my blog..the facebook party is at the Furry Paws Disco on 3/24 at 4pm edt here is the link for details.. https://www.facebook.com/notes/peace-love-whiskers/raffle-details-and-party/494812007243433

There’s also a raffle that is going on from now until the 23rd and the winner announced at the party.. there are some great prizes and all the donations for the raffle will benefit the World’s Greatest CatHouse in Englewood, Florida where they are taking care of 200 special needs cats.

I would love to get close to the $275.00 needed for daily expenses at the World’s Greatest Cat House and make this raffle and party both a success.


Extra Love Needed: Meet Lilly & Bentley from Monty’s Mates

How old are they?

Lilly will be 1 on 3/23/13 / Bentley is 4

How did they get their names?

Bentley was named previously. We gave Lilly her name because she is so sweet and delicate.

How did they come into your life?

Bentley – Bentley’s owners dropped him off at the vet to be put down because he was having difficulty walking. At the time, he was three years old and was otherwise in good health, so the vet refused to euthanize him. The couple surrendered him to the vet clinic, and in turn, the vet clinic called rescue for help. I drove to NJ to pick him up.

Lilly – I saw a Craig’s List ad asking for help for a paralyzed bulldog puppy. Having just been through this with my first paralyzed dog, Monty, and again with Bentley, I answered the ad offering my help.

What is Lilly’s story?

(I read a little about her being a puppy mill survivor)

Lilly was born in a puppy mill. When the farmer noticed her issues, she was placed in a rabbit hutch and left outside without proper care. Due to her congenital defects and her injury (she was dropped at age 7 weeks – breaking her left rear leg), and the fact that she never received medical treatment at all, her body grew very twisted and she never developed any muscle. She couldn’t move on her own in the cage, and no one helped her to move. She received no medical care. Her leg healed on its own – in a deformed position. We rescued her at 6 months of age. By the time we got her in Oct. 2012, she was unable to support any weight on her front or rear end. She could barely hold her head up. And because of her immobility, pneumonia and her breathing were and continue to be an ongoing battle.

Does Lilly do any physical therapy?

Lilly goes to Paradise Canine Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine in MD. They do water therapy with her weekly – she walks on an underwater treadmill and also gets cold laser treatments. I do other therapy exercise with her at home. For her breathing, Lilly receives daily nebulizer treatments, as well as doxycycline as needed. She LOVES therapy.

Will Lilly be getting a wheelchair to help her walk?

Lilly has a wheelchair that she is just now getting strong enough to use. She also has a homemade cart that gives her full support when standing, as well as various other slings and physical therapy equipment. That has really helped her gain her strength, stand to eat, etc.

How is she doing now?

Lilly has made big strides, but unfortunately, it’s difficult to give her a firm prognosis. She is much stronger in her front end now, and has started to gain some control of her rear legs. Because of the nerve damage, her rear legs move very spastically, and we are trying to teach her how to control them. Her left rear hock is the biggest issue, on top of how severely her body curves. She is only able to lay on one side and is still unable to sit up like a normal dog. But, we’re working on that! Creativity, patience, and perseverance make a HUGE difference. And Lilly has the most amazing spirit. She is one determined little girl, and she is the happiest puppy. She doesn’t let any physical limitations get in her way!

What is Bentley’s story?

(saw he was dropped of and is now able to walk)

Bentley’s former owners dropped him off at a vet’s office to be euthanized because he was having trouble walking. The vet refused to put him down because he was only 3 at the time and otherwise very healthy. The owner surrendered him to the vet clinic and, in turn, the vet clinic called rescue for assistance for Bentley. I drove to NJ to pick him up. When I took him into rescue in June 2012, he was able to stand but was very unsteady on his feet and unable to walk. When he tried to walk, he would drag his back legs completely. I fitted in him a wheelchair so he stopped dragging his legs. Then I took him to my local vet as well as a neurologist at the University of Pennsylvania for advice. The neurologist recommended an MRI followed by spinal surgery. Having been through spinal surgery with another bulldog less than a year before, I was very hesitant to go the route of surgery. So I took Bentley home and put him on crate rest for 2 weeks, other than when I did at-home therapy with him. In two weeks, I saw improvement, so I knew there was hope. So instead of going back to U. Penn, I took him to the canine physical therapy clinic that I used in the past. They were impressed with his progress, and so agreed to develop a physical therapy plan for him.

What type of therapy did Bentley undergo?

Bentley goes to water therapy weekly and also gets cold laser treatments. He has a list of at-home exercises that we do as well.

How is he doing now?

He’s walking! Unassisted! His walk is far from perfect or pretty, but he can walk on his own without the use of a wheelchair. He can climb steps (slowly), run, and play like a normal dog. I believe that he will always be slightly incontinent and will always walk clumsily, but from where he was less than a year ago – he’s amazing! He too is an inspiring dog with unparalleled determination.

What would you like to say to those who are afraid to adopt a dog that needs extra care?

The care that you’ll give a special-needs dog pales in comparison to the life lessons that that dog will teach you. The love, trust, resilience, and determination that shines from within them; their inability to feel sorry for themselves despite the obstacles they face; and their ability to live in the moment will transform you.

How did your organization Monty’s Mates start?

In 2010, I began fostering a 7-year old bulldog. He was wonderful, but I was determined not to fall in love with him because I was afraid of adopting a senior dog. I didn’t want to go through the heart break of losing them sooner than a younger dog. Well, within 2 weeks, I was head-over-heels and made Monty a forever member of our family. A little over a year later, he began having trouble walking and after many vet visits, was diagnosed with ruptured discs in his back. After a lot of soul-searching, we decided to move forward with spinal surgery in hopes of helping him walk again. He had the surgery & successfully healed, but then things started going downhill. There were so many wonderful friends who became attached to Monty and his story, and so we affectionately referred to them as “Monty’s Mates”. Ultimately, the paralysis spread and Monty passed away in January 2012. He made a huge impact in my life and in the lives of so many other people, and I wanted to do something to honor his legacy. So, I began Monty’s Mates Bulldog Rescue with the purpose of helping other bulldogs like my beloved Monty.

How can people make donations to help?

The rescue’s PayPal is montysmates@gmail.com. We also have some t-shirts, stuffed animals, and collars available.

Are there any links that you would like to share?



Author’s Note: I would like to thank Lilly & Bentley’s mom for sharing their story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. You can visit them on facebook at Monty’s Mates Bulldog Rescue and please visit Monty who started it all 

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To honor all of the wonderful extra love needed pets that were featured on my blog..the facebook party is at the Furry Paws Disco on 3/24 at 4pm edt here is the link for details.. https://www.facebook.com/notes/peace-love-whiskers/raffle-details-and-party/494812007243433

There’s also a raffle that is going on from now until the 23rd and the winner announced at the party.. there are some great prizes and all the donations for the raffle will benefit the World’s Greatest CatHouse in Englewood, Florida where they are taking care of 200 special needs cats.

I would love to get close to the $1500.00 needed for daily expenses at the World’s Greatest Cat House and make this raffle and party both a success.