Extra Love Needed: Seymour the Wonder Cat

Where did your name come from Sir Seymour? Me name iz just Seymour. >*.*< Momma sez me name wuz Santa before me came to furever home. When me comed to dis new house, momma and daddy just call me Seymour! Momma:Seymour, sweetie, how about if I type for you so we can just use hoomin […]

Pittie Love: Daniel the Former Bait Dog

Where did his name come from? Daniel was named at the Duplin Co shelter where he won over the hearts of everyone including the shelter manager Bobbie Kennedy. They loved him so much, and I had worked so hard to get him out and transported all the while using that name, that it just seemed […]

Extra Love Needed: Bug a Boo the Hydrocephalus Kitten

Where did Bug a Boo get her name from? Bug A. Boo was named by one of the board member’s of Joa’s Arc.  It’s what she called her first grandchild when he was a baby – just a cute name. How did she come to Joa’sArc rescue? (- Joa was a paraplegic kitten that inspired […]

Extra Love Needed: Frosty the Frozen Kitten

Miss Frosty, how old are you? My humans guess me to be aprox 7 ½ months old. I was giving the birthday of Oct 27, 2013 based off of when I was first seen around the barn. Where did your name come from? I got my name because I was found Frozen Alive (almost solid) […]

Extra Love Needed: Blind Dog Jack

How old is Jack? Approximately 10- we’re not sure. The puppy mill didn’t give the shelter that originally saved him any papers. Where did his name come from? The rescue, Smaller Paws & Pomeranians, had named him Pedro. It didn’t really fit him! My mom came with me to pick him up from them, and […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Dolly A little Disabled Rabbit

How old are you Miss Dolly? Mys is 7 years & 1 month olds. Where did your name come from? Mys is not sures. My mom & dad did nots name be cause Dolly was my names before dey adopted mys. How did you become a part of your family? Mys was adopted from da […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Sheldon “chubs” Broken Jaw Kitty

Mr. Sheldon, may I ask how old are you?  My age is approx 3 yrs old. My mommy and the rescue did an estimate of when they found me and when mommy got me as a foster. The vet also tried to estimate too but with only 1 full tooth, couple broken and rest gone […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Rupurrt Ninja Kitty

How old are you? 1 year and a few months my birthday is April 12,2013 Where did your name come from? the vet gave me this name because no matter how much in pain I was, I always had a purr for everybody, hence the spelling difference How did you find your forever home? Once […]