On a personal note

Wow.. where did September go? I know it’s been a while since I posted something and I wanted to at least say something to all those wonderful followers, commentors and likers and sharers. Thank you. It has been a wonderful amazing chapter of my life the past 3 years and I’ve had ups and downs […]

Birthday Wishes for Kitties & Pitties

  Normally I do Birthday Wishes for Kitties and donate$1 for every birthday wish I get to Pet Guards Angels in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. But this year after hearing the incredible story of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue from Tehachapi, CA who rescued Nacho - he was chained and bleeding when the rescue found him, they took him […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Beanie

May I ask how old you are? About 5-6 years old. The shelter didn’t have an exact age. Where did your name come from? It came from the woman I lived with before my new home. She had to go to a nursing home and her other cats (my mom and dad don’t know how […]

Why Blog?

After doing a lot of soul searching and questioning why I do what I do and thinking about quitting – on more than one occasion- I’ve decided to explain why I keep going. First and foremost it’s not about me, it’s about sharing the stories of these amazing pets, the ones that need the extra […]

Extra Loved Needed: Meet Melody

How old are you? I just turned one year old! The nice people at the shelter estimated my birthday to be July 16, 2013. Where did your name come from? My mom rescued me at a music festival, so she had to name me something music related! My name at the shelter was actually Melody […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Pip

How old are you? I turned 2 in March Where did your name come from? Mom thought I looked like a Pip. I read you made quite a journey to your forever home, can you tell me about it? A woman in Nebraska found me amongst a litter of stray kittens. All of my brothers […]

Declawing a cat & why it is wrong

Onychectomy: surgical excision of a fingernail or toenail (according to Merriam- Webster) I wanted to start off Friday with something a bit different.  I got a chance to watch the Paw Project on Netflix as recommended by several people I know and it was heartbreaking. It started off with one mobile vet treating large cats who […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Autumn

Where did her name come from? Autumn was named for the month we found her in, it was late October. How did she spend her 10th birthday? She spent her 10th birthday swimming, and the kids in the neighborhood sang to her. How did she find her forever home? Autumn showed up one cold October night when my […]