Happy Tails: Meet Opossum

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Author’s Note: I want to thank Opossums mom for letting me pepper her with questions about this little girl. She’s such a cutie! According to the about section on her facebook page she was found at a four way intersection starving and terrified. Pictures were used with permission, please visit her official page The Abandoned Opossum


Meet Opossum


Where did her name come from?

We called her Opossum because the first time I touched her she played dead. She weighed less than a pound. Someone had dumped her at a local intersection and she had been scavenging for food. My oldest daughter and I persistently followed her until we could pick her up. With her coloring, she kinda resembled a young opossum


How old is she?

She is between 3 and 4 months old by the vet’s estimate, but also small for her age

How many fur siblings does she have?  

She lives with a husky service dog in training and a saint Bernard service dog in training. To be honest, both pups adore her. It actually took her longer to adjust to them. I think she had previously been attacked by a dog or dogs. She also lives with Watson who has taken to her.


Was she on a special diet when you first found her? 

The vets did  suggest small meals multiple times a day instead of leaving out a large supply because she would inhale it like it was going to run away. She was on wet food and regular food.


Is she easily scared of new things?


It depends on the thing. For example, she has embraced the children from the moment she joined the family. The dogs she bullied until she had them dominated. I forgot to mention my tomcat as her sibling. Watson took her under his wing. I have rescued many cats over the years and many kitten litters and Watson embraces newcomers. Halloween, she didn’t bat an eye at costumes or decorations. She loves to be around water, never had a problem with toys, the broom, or anything really bothering her. She is fearless for most things. She is not big on strangers. She personally despises the UPS man.


Why the UPS man?


I don’t know why she distrusted the ups man. I know he’s here because she is in the window growling at him with her ears pinned. When I open the door she runs under the bed immediately, she wants no confrontation.


Do the pups try to play with her?

The pups love to play with her but she is usually not interested. I let Banner play with her to a point before I separate them. Aponi is too big and I’m afraid would hurt her by accident so I don’t let those two play much.


Does she get to go outside often?


Not often, only while being supervised. I had to flea bomb the house the other day and it was her first day out since we brought her home. She enjoyed it but was ready to go back in. She is very clingy, where the other pets are exploring and playing, she was within ten feet of me at all times.
What is her favorite things to do?

Her favorite thing to do would be finding a lap to curl up in. Any of the kids laps, my lap, or my fiance’s lap. We are all reserved seats. She rather curl up and purr than do anything else.

A fleece blanket works too. She has claimed an old Christmas blanket at this time


Does she have any favorite toys?


She has a catnip toy she is extremely fond of. She hides it under the dresser so no one else can play with it.


Does she talk a lot?


She is very talkative. Usually when I am sleeping or am not currently petting her. If I shut the bathroom door she protests. She prefers to bathe with me. She gets in the tub and lays on me.


What’s her favorite food?


She loves baked chicken and she was introduced to a little Turkey breast this week. She enjoyed it tremendously. She always tries to steal whatever we are eating. It was a little difficult to introduce her to actual cat food, but we reached success with Meow Mix




Opossum has an odd fascination with Rick from The Walking Dead. She watches Netflix with me but during that show she actually sits on my laptop and is completely immersed. I have never had a cat like television before.




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Pet Product Review: SleekEZ

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Disclaimer: This is not a paid endorsement, I received the SleekEZ at Barkworld in my swag bag and decided to do a review on it. This is my own personal opinion. Photographs are my own and are not to be used without permission.


I was very skeptical about the SleekEZ as I’ve sued various brushes and combs on my cats and have not found one everyone can agree on. But this one seems to have hit the mark.


First off let me tell you about the design, it’s wooden with small short teeth. After meeting the creator I was intrigued because it looked like something that would be useful to dogs and horses, but not cats. But the owner was kind enough to share with me an informical from the website that showed a cat loving it and talking a bit more about the product.

My first victim was Boo, my white cat who loves to be combed with the flea comb, especially on his neck. He was curious and hesitant, but accepted it and eventually really got into it, so much that I had two giant white balls of fur from just brushing him and he was on his back purring with joy.


The next victim was Buggy, who does enjoy getting brushed, he was in heaven when I started brushing his neck. Purring like a content little car engine.


Bubby wasn’t going to be a challenge as he very much enjoyed the brushes, especially from the Kong brush the only problem with it was that it caused him to break out in dandruff, which is a huge problem because he wants you to keep brushing.

He was very pleased and after a few minutes of it, I was surprised to find no white flakes. He too was in kitty heaven purring deeply.


My last and final challenge was Trixie our newest addition (I will talk more about her in another post), she’s a stickler for cleaning and her fur is always soft and uber shiny.

How would she take to my attempt at brushing her?

She’s not a fan of anything but her neck, I think this is because it’s a itchy spot for her, but she really seems to enjoy it.

Verdict: 3 paws.

Pros: Gets the undercoat and doesn’t cause flakes in Bubby. Major plus there. Uber soft fur after brushing which is a plus for Boo who is a bit wire-haired.

Cons: The design, anyone who has arthritis may have a problem using this as the comb needs to be held in the palm of your hand. Other issue, fur everywhere.. it doesn’t trap the fur like other combs do, so you may want to comb your pet in an area that is easy to collect fur. You can easily pull the fur off of carpet or blanket with the comb.


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BarkWorld Recap

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Holy cow, so much information from BarkWorld, my brain is still on overload.

Let me start by saying I was so gld to have my husband who is city savvy with me to do the driving in the city because I would have had panic attacks.

This was my second BarkWorld, so I knew what to expect, but this was the first time I’ve stayed downtown Atlanta so it was entirely new to me. The last BarkWorld I attended was in Buckhead where we found and fell in love with Zesto’s, which thankfully was about a 10 minute drive from downtown.

Atlanta seems to really love quick open fast food, as we were told by my sister-in-law to try The Varsity, so we had that on the way in, Zesto’s the next day and Henry’s Tavern as it was right across from the hotel we booked and the Loew’s where the event was.

I highly recommend all three places if you are driving there, if not definitely stop by Henry’s, they have Parmesan fries. *drools*

For those who have never been to downtown Atlanta, it is pricey to park there during the day and overnight, we paid $20/night to park. The valet parking at our hotel was $25.

Let’s get to the conference portion of it, Thursday night was a premiere party for Lucky Puppy which is a quarterly magazine by Dogster.

Friday was the first official day of the conference and the keynote speaker was Gus Kenworthy, if you’re not familiar with the name you may be familiar with the term “Sochi Dogs” from the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He and his partner rescued 5 of them, unfortunately 1 of them passed while being held by the Russian government, but the rest of them are alive and happy.

Katie Capteron the Editor in Chief of HLN/CNN Digital spoke on Saturday touching on the top 10 viral animal stories, one of which was the two dogs hugging hours before being euthanized. This led to an outpouring of support and the rescue that got them, Angels Among Us was in attendance. She touched on several other stories, such as the dog whose mouth was taped shut, the vet tech who shot the feral cat with a bow & arrow, the two dogs rescued from underneath the I-5 bridge in California by Hope for Paws (who was also in attendance)  and of course the #1 story which was Cecil the Lion.

She had the room crying at the injustice, clapping at those that were rescued and reminding us that if we see something online we need to post it, state how we feel and share.

My favorite keynote speaker was Shorty Rossi from Animal Planet’s PitBoss. He warned everyone that we may laugh, cry or not like what he has to say at the beginning of his speech. He went into his background – how he was mistreated, how he got into trouble with the law, found that his love for animals helped him cope and when he got out he knew he didn’t want to go back to doing bad, he wanted to make a difference.

It was then that he found his first pit bull. In trying to get a tv show about his production company he was approached about doing a show about his pit bulls. It was there he found the platform and audience to make a difference in these wonderful dogs lives.

He encouraged everyone to educate themselves on these “bull breeds”, giving the group some surprising statistics such as: Golden Retrievers are the most likely breed to bite, 1 out of 600 pit bulls in shelters get adopted, support the rescue groups that support the dogs and most importantly you can’t change everyone’s mind but if you can change one person’s mind, then it’s worth it.

One of the questions he got from the group was how does he handle negativity on his page, his answer was simple: the first negative post, he deletes it, next negative post he deletes and blocks the user.

He stressed not to judge a breed by one dog and to use social media to make a difference.


These were the big names of some of the speakers, there were other speakers teaching how to use Periscope, SEO and more.


I did my first Periscope with Trista Polo from According to Bella after welcoming her to BarkWorld as it was her first time there and explaining some of the things to expect and look forward to.

Then I got a chance to be interviewed by Lisa Illman. I was petrified, but the chance to talk about my passion helped ease my nervousness, a little bit.

I was lucky enough to speak with Isabella Maso the owner of Isabella’s Pet Shop. She’s 10 and making bowties and flowers to help benefit shelter pets. I couldn’t resist them and picked up two for the furry children.

I spoke to the owner of SleekEz, Kuddly.co, Tomlyn, Vetericyn, PetPages, Smitten, Paintapic.com, Lindsi Jones of Lindsi Jones Photography who volunteers at a cat rescue not too far from my hometown, I met bloggers who were just starting, pet sitters, artists, etc.

BarkWorld was a wonderful experience and they have already announced the dates for next years – October 13-15th at the Loews in Atlanta, GA.

So if you get a chance to go, if you have an Instagram, Periscope, Facebook, blog, Etsy page, a pet related business or blog, go.

It is a whirlwind of information, but you will make friends with the 4-legged and 2-legged alike.


I will be doing reviews, interviews and trying my hand at periscoping.. I did download the app and I apologize in advance as I’m not a fan of being in front of the camera, but rather behind it.



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Going to BarkWorld!

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I wasn’t completely sure at first, but it’s confirmed.. I’ll be at BarkWorld.


So I’m packing up this weekend and heading up to Atlanta.


My goal is to definitely promote the blog, get some interviews lined up and breathe new life into the blog.


So thank you so much for sticking with me through this transitional period aka growing pains and stick with me as I work through this.


For those going to BarkWorld, I’ll be the dreaded girl walking around. :) If you miss me, find the really tall guy.. that’s my hubby. Ask him for a business card and catch me if you can.


I love meeting new pets.. err people. 😉




Calling all black pets

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Attention all pet owners:

I’m going to be hosting black pet appreciation month. I’ve done black cat appreciation and decided to include all black pets.. so if you have a dog, cat, guinea pig, hamster, lizard, goat, etc., and are interested in being a part of black pet appreciation month please comment, email me, message me on the facebook page, send a smoke signal.


I’ve got 29 spots I would like to fill and would love to share your pet’s story. :)




Black Cat Appreciation: Meet Dr. Love

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Author’s Note: Many thanks to Dr. Love, Rebel, Jake & Tia (mom) for letting me ask questions. Pictures were borrowed with permission. Please visit Dr. Love & family on his facebook page : Dr. Love


First may I ask how old you are?
I’m one year old. I was born in May 2014, in St. Petersburg Florida.
Where did your name come from?
The human I rescued last August was one of four admirers petting me (at PetSmart) the day we met. I was being passed from lap to lap. It was a pretty competitive situation! After choosing and going home with my new Mom, it became clear that I was the most affectionate, cuddly kitten she had ever known. By this time, I had already met some family friends, and my abundant cuddles were like medicine to humans. Mom made my name official five days after I rescued her. She named me after the song by KISS!
How did you become a doctor?
I was pretty much born into it. These days, I take continuing education at my home school so I stay current on the latest advances in cuddling.
I read you were rescued and live with Rebel & Jake, how do you all get along?
We love each other very much. They’re loads of fun! Most days, it’s like a zoo at our house. Jake really welcomed me from the first moment. He’s a nurturer and a playmate. Rebel and I do lots of wild playing. Even though she’s a girl, she’s a tough breed and very pure (F2 Savannah), so she keeps me on my toes. That said, Rebel loathes Jake, and Jake uses this to torment her whenever he can, by jumping out at her, etc…
Do you like to be held still?
I love, love, love being held. My favorite is being held like a baby – tummy up. Also it’s fun to be held upright, against a human shoulder, with my paw holding a human’s finger.
Other than running around at night and wrecking things, what else you like to do?
One of my hobbies is hunting bugs. The flying kind are the most challenging, and the most rewarding! Another activity I try to do often is practicing my mouse hunting. We don’t have any real mice, so I hunt toy ones. Often, an unfortunate toy mouse can be found lying in my food bowl after being “killed”!
I read you have a catio, how often are you out there?
I’m out there every day, without fail. I like to look at passing neighbors, and catch any stray lizards, frogs, or bugs foolish enough to invade my precious catio! Rebel is out there even more than I am. She guards it most afternoons.
Do you have any grooming tips for other house panthers?
Every speck of dust shows up on a house panther’s black fur. One thing that helps a lot is having a human run a comb through my coat every two days, especially during shedding season. We use flea combs because they are fine enough to remove a lot of loose hair and lint. Hold one section of fur tight and comb the undercoat, then the outer coat, and move on to the next section. Don’t forget the tail! My whole body takes a couple of minutes, provided I don’t start biting the comb. Comb biting is fun though. Oh, well. 
What would you like to say to the people who are cautious of adopting a black cat?
My message to anyone who thinks black cats are beautiful but scary: We black kitties are in no way bad luck. We are gentle, loving, and as a bonus, you can hug us without need for a lint roller! Believe it or not, that’s a MAJOR plus for most working humans. If you want to peek in on how we house panthers interact with the world, check out my Facebook page, and several of my house panther friends’ pages as well.
Do Rebel & Jake want to add anything about themselves?

Jake: I’m two years old and my favorite hobby is a game called “Treat Chase”. That’s where a human tosses treats one at a time and we catch or chase them down. I catch lots of treats right out of the air, with my huge fluffy paws.
Rebel: I’m three and a half, and I am a true athlete. I can jump 6 feet to catch toys and flying insects! I love to wrestle too. Out of the three cats, I am the closest to Mom. I follow her around everywhere — even when she’s cleaning.
Do you or your parents have anything to say about you?
Tia (Mom): Dr. Love is my first ever house panther. I couple of years ago, I got to know a close friend’s black kitty and could not get over how silly and warm he was. Then I heard this was common for black cats – a super-fun and affectionate personality. The day I was rescued by Dr. Love, three other people were competing with me. Somehow, I ended up with him, and the rest is history. I’ll finish with one secret almost no one knows about the little doc: he does not meow. He sweetly SQUEAKS!

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Odie

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How did you come to live with your family?
It was July 2013. All I remember is me curled up, sitting in pain in a tiny garden of an apartment building. It was late at night and very dark. The human lady came was passing by and she saw me. I was in a very bad condition. Both of my eyes were very badly infected. I had fleas all over me. She stopped for a minute, saw that there are siblings and a mother cat in the little garden of that apartment and then walked away.
Next day, the human lady came back to check on me. She realised that my siblings are bigger than me in size, some of them had eye infections, they were playing with each other. The mother cat was in the garden too, lying in one corner. I was still curled up. There were plastic cups around the garden with spoiled food in them and water. She thought that people living in that apartment were trying to take care of us but they were not very successful at it.
She went back home, prepared a cardboard box for me, came back and put me in the box. The mother cat did not mind that. At that moment, the human lady thought maybe I am not one of them, somebody left me there to be taken care of by that mother cat.
She took me to the doctor’s clinic. She was planning to put me back on the street once I recovered and neutered. Stray cats are very common where I live. We had regular visits to the doctor, which I hated and I still hate. Through the doctor’s instructions, she applied all the treatments I needed, unfortunately they could not save my left eye, it was too late; it had to be removed. I have a blurry vision in my right eye. They worked hard to recover it but this is the best it can get.
After all these, the human lady became my human mom because she decided to adopt me, which I am grateful for.
Do you live with any other furry siblings?
Unfortunately no. I do not have any other siblings at home.
What is your favorite thing to do?
Playing with a piece of bread as if it is alive.
Is it hard for you to get around the house having blurry vision?
Not at all. I know the house by heart. When the human mom and dad take me to a new place, it takes only half an hour for me to learn every inch of that new place. But, it is funny, sometimes, during a play with my humans, I got very excited, and I ran like crazy from one room to another as I always do, and if someone accidentally changed the location of the chair on my way, I might bump into it, but I do not mind.
Do you take any medication for it?
No. The doctor said this the best my eye can get.
What would you like to tell people who are scared of adopting a one-eyed cat?
I would tell them that there is nothing to be scared of. We definitely move around like a two-eyed cat.
Two eyes, one-eyed, no eyes; does not matter. Adopting a cat will change your life in a very positive way. You will learn that we are special and each of us have our characteristics. If you are planning to adopt a cat please consider the disabled ones. We do not miss an eye, a leg or a tail, what we miss is love. Our love has no condition and we know yours don’t either.


Small Pets: Meet Moonpie & Kiwi

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 Author’s Note: Many thanks to Moonpie & Kiwi’s mom for letting me ask questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can follow their adventures on their facebook page : Moonpie & Kiwi

What type of bunnies are you?

Hello its Moonpie. I am a white dwarf Lop-Eared Rabbit and my breathtaking girlfriend Kiwi is a dwarf tobiano in white with black markings (such a lovely natural „make-up“).


Where did your names come from?

Ohhh that’s a good story. My human „parents“ watched “The big bang theory” in TV.
In one episode came out that the grandma of Sheldon gave him the nickname “Moonpie“.
Sheldon said that his grandma called him that way because he is so sweet that she could eat him.
And so it comes that mom and dad called me Moonpie because I’m so sweet too.
The first time i met with Kiwi, she was a small, sweet, round beauty, like the fruit Kiwi
(now she is grown up, but still a sweet beauty, isn’t she ? :).


Do you two live in a cage together?

Yes we live together, but „cage“ is not really the right word for our home. 😉 My human „grandfather“ built a very large enclosure, which was planned and designed by my mom. One bunny should have 2 square meters available throughout the day. So our bunny mansion is nearly 170 cm (5.6 feet) high and 160cm (5 feet) wide. When mom or dad are home after work we have an additonal place in the huge living room, where we can play, sleep and jump around.


What do you like to do?
We like to do a lot of things. One of our favourites is playing with the snackball. We roll the ball across the floor and then drop out our treats. It’s a lot of fun. My mom buys often a tunnel of willow we can nibbling. Sometimes she also fills small paper bags with hay and little treats. While digging we have a lot of fun. To cuddle with Kiwi and to brush each other its also very nice.


Where are you favorite places to hide?

Our absolute favorite place is lying under the big couch.


Do you get baths often?

Oh no. No bunny must be bathed. Bunnies are very clean animals and groom themselves several times a day and if they have a partner they preen themselves also mutually. There are of course exceptions: is an animal sick or has very matted fur then you have to help.


What is your favorite foods?

Our favorite foods are fresh vegetables, and occasionally a bit of fruit. Parsley and dill are particularly yummy. We also love herbs, broccoli and carrots. Twice a day we get fresh fodder and throughout the day portions are hay. Hay is very important for tooth abrasion and for digestion.


What advice do you have for anyone who wants to adopt bunnies?

We Bunnies are not cuddle toys. We cuddle with you when we want. We need lots of space and definitely a partner. Otherwise we will quickly feel uncomfortable and become very sad and feeling lonely. Try not to buy animals from pet stores, in the majority they are all grown up under bad conditions and you only would support the horrible trade. There are really great and cute Bunnys in shelters, from reputable breeders or on farms. Even Bunnies need plenty of exercise and employment they are very intelligent animals which need to be busy with a lots of toys. Even small animals such as bunnies need your attention every day. If you are taking good care, they thank you for being one of the greatest and cutest animals.

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Extra Love Needed: Meet Matt the Blind Cat

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may I ask how old you are? Where did your name come from? How did you come to live with your family? Were you born blind or did you have an accident to cause you to be blind? How long did it take you to learn your new surroundings? Do you live with any other fursiblings? What are your favorite things to do? What advice would you give to other cats like yourself looking for a permanent home? What advise would your humans like to give to those who are worried/concerned/scared about adopting a blind cat? Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your humans would like to share about you? Maybe I borrow pictures of you for the article? I will state they were used with permission. I will also link your facebook page. Thank you for your time.


I was rescued in Stephenville, Newfoundland. A lady found me huddled in the snow. She called Port Aux Basques and Area Scaredy Cat Rescue, who then got me to a vet. They thought I was approx. 4 months due to my size, but the vet determined I was roughly 8 weeks old at the time based on my teeth. I had pneumonia as well as upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis etc. My eyes were so infected, they swollen shut. As they healed the vet realized that I had been born with eyes that hadn’t formed properly. My rescuers called me “Matt Murdock” after Daredevil the blind comic book character. After a few months of healing I was adopted by a gentleman in Cornerbrook. Sadly a few month later our house burned down. One of my kitty brothers died. I was then found the next day in the basement of my house soaked and terrified. I had severe smoke inhalation. I then returned to my previous foster home where I spent many months recovering from the trauma of the fire. It took me a long time to recover from that and it broke my foster parents hearts. I had been such a loving fella when I left and returned scared and withdrawn. They then decided I would stay with them forever because it took so long for me to settle in their home again, to send me to yet another would have been hard on me. It doesn’t take me long to map out a room. Usually within one day I have it memorized. I climb the cat trees just like my furry siblings (I have 7 others kitties living in my home), I can navigate just as well up onto the furniture as they do. Sometimes something might be left on the floor like a suitcase, box etc and I just feel it with my whiskers and go around. I spend lots of time on the Victrola greeting people who come visit us. My forever mom and dad run the rescue so we have lots of visitors! Besides lounging I love playing with soft balls…I carry them around in my mouth. MY favorite thing to do is bumming vittles from my humans. My nose is super strong so I can smell all their good food. My advice for other kitties who are blind is just be yourself and let your true self shine. Change may be scary, but when your forever home comes through its the best feeling ever! While the thought of adopting a special needs cat might seem to be a lot to take on, really having Matt has been no different then having any other cat in our home. As long as we’re not moving the furniture around drastically he does quite well. We’ve made small furniture adjustments in the livingroom, and it he mapped it out quite quickly. Feel free to send us anymore questions you may have. Also take whatever pics you need. I’ll be posting more in the next day or so. Thanks so much for sharing Matts story. Hopefully in convinces others to consider adopting a bling kitty. =^.^= Matt, Bob and Kat

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Small Pets: Meet Lola

Posted by yornma on August 13, 2015 in Animal Articles, Small Pets |

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Lola’s parents for letting me ask questions about her. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit her facebook page – Lola’s World.



 How old is Lola & what type of bird is she?

Lola is a 9 year old Lutino Cockatiel.


Does she live with any other pets? 

Lola lives in Coastal Virginia with her family which also includes a pet hedgehog named Cactus. She has also lived with cats and a dog in the past.


Where did her name come from?

Her name was selected by her family’s daughter and matches her personality.


Does Lola speak & what does she like to do?

Lola is a quiet bird and doesn’t talk. (which is true with many female birds) She enjoys spending time out of her cage and in the screened porch. From the porch she can watch the other birds outside and the neighbor’s cat. She also has other bird friends that will visit when their owners are out of town.

Lola loves attention from her family and wants be where there is activity. She loves to eat millet and pretzels with no salt. Lola was hand fed as a baby and is very tame…her bites do not hurt. She loves having her head scratched and will beg for it to be done. She comes out of her cage when she wants and remains out when her family is home to supervise.


What would you like to say to people considering having a bird as a pet?

Birds are great pets…both beautiful to look at and entertaining. Please remember that buying a bird is a long term commitment and not for everyone. Many bird species live well over 50 years and they also require love and attention. Many birds will bond with their owners while other bond to other birds. I always suggest to anyone thinking about buying a bird or any pet do research and make an informed decision. If you select a cockatiel like Lola and you invest your time and love for your new pet you will be rewarded with their love in return.

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