Meet Cowboy

  How old are you? I’m approximately 12 years old.     Where did your name come from? I was named after the ‘Cowboy Song’ from the band Thin Lizzy.  How did your mom convince you to move into the house? My Momma started feeding me multiple times a day on the front porch and […]

Meet Loki the Gentle Mischievous Pittie

Loki’s story: As Animal Control Officer in 2009 I was patrolling the local State Park in the area with the Park Rangers when we came across a cardboard box left on a picnic table in a camp ground. As we approached the box we could hear small shallow whimpering. I opened the box and to […]

Meet Vinny the Therapy Cat

How old are you? – I am 3 years old.  My birthday is March 28, 2011 Where did your name come from? – My breeder registers her litters alphabetically.  The litter I was born in fell on fell on the letter “V”.  So, Mom needed to register me with a “V” name (although my call name could […]

Meet Argento the Sphynx

Hi theres! How old are you? I am 2 1/2 years old. Where did your name come from? My mommy named me after her favoritest horror movie director, Dario Argento. How did you come to your forever home? Mommy and daddy always wanted a sphynx kitty. They thought we were such neat cats. They found […]

Midnight the Rescue Panther (revisited)

Happy New Year everyone!  I am so very lucky to be able to re-interview Midnight.  Please check out the original interview      Since our last interview, how many stories have you published? since the last interview i have published many new stories. i forget how many. What do you find to be the hardest […]

Gift Ideas for Cats

Ugh, sorry I was working some overtime to get in some extra $$ for the holidays and totally completely and utterly forgot about the posts. Please don’t hurt me! *ducks* Anyways, I wanted to go over the list of Cat Gift Ideas – don’t worry the Dog & Small Pet Gift Ideas are going to […]

Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Updated – 11/17/2014 @ 2020 – Sorry I didn’t fully have the article ready!! Grr.   For those who are shopping for pet lovers whether it’s friends, family, significant others.. I wanted to give you a list of places you can go to find items for under $30 or sometimes $20.   The obvious places […]

I’m back!

After much consideration.. and come convincing from the cats and various pet loving friends.  The interviews will be back on 12/1. I want to focus on Extra Love Needed Pets (special needs pets) and Pittie Love (pit bulls). Interviews will post on Mondays & Fridays. Pet Product reviews will post on Wednesdays. To get back […]

On a personal note

Wow.. where did September go? I know it’s been a while since I posted something and I wanted to at least say something to all those wonderful followers, commentors and likers and sharers. Thank you. It has been a wonderful amazing chapter of my life the past 3 years and I’ve had ups and downs […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Duke the Munchkin Kitty battling FIV

First, may I ask how old you are? Where did your name come from? Can you explain a bit about Feline Leukemia? Are you taking any medications? Do you have any other fursiblings you live with? How are you doing now? What is your favorite thing to do? What would you or your mom like […]