Extra Love Needed: Meet Whiskey the Deaf Therapy Dog

How old are you? I am 5 yrs old Where did your name come from?  Because of my colors and I was so filthy when they found me, my buddy said I look like a disregarded empty bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey on the side of the road Were you born deaf or did something happen […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Aerostotle the Blind Vat Philosopher Cat

How old are you? Presently, I am 8 months and 2wks old. My birthday is July 4th. Where did your name come from? I was given the name Aristotle, after the Greek Philosopher, when I came into the shelter, but mum changed the spelling to Aerostotle. How did you wiggle your way into your forever mum’s […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Tsuki & Maverick

May I ask how old you are? I turned 1 year on Christmas Morning. Where did your name come from? It is Japanese for motion and that is me – always in motion.  Go Go Go – How do your pronounce it? two su kee Do you have any nicknames? Sassy Pants, Suki Butt What […]

Opt to Adopt: Meet Blackie & Bubba

Author’s Note: This is the first in what will be a weekly theme featuring pets from Pet Guards Angels & Tampa Bay Cat Alliance, both shelters house cats and do not kill. I’ve worked with Pet Guards Angels personally for nearly two years and started volunteering with Tampa Bay Cat Alliance in January of this year. Both have […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Deuce Two Legged Kitty from Oklahoma City

How old are you? Well, I am either 4 or 5.  Not quite for sure…but, somewhere around there. Where did your name come from? I was named Deuce by the Sherriff in Choctaw who came and got me after I was found by a couple of kids.  Mom figured she would keep the name since […]

Pet Product Review: Beneful Canned Dog Food

Beneful Canned Dog Food   I like the fact that today’s canned dog food resembles human stew as opposed to that horrid stuff we fed our dogs prior to the 1990’s. Back then it looked like mystery meat cut in squares, with gravy, smished into a can. Alpo and Gravy Train come to mind. Hopefully […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Keebo

How old are you? I am 3 years old..my birthday is in sept. But I am a tiny lil thing, I barely weigh 2 pounds! Where did your name come from? My mommy named me Keebo because it stands for ” Hope”. Can you tell me a little bit about your condition? I have a […]

Extra Love Needed: Meet Saltwater Taffy

How old are you?   My birfday is June 15, 2013 so I am almost 9 months old Where did your name come from?   I fink my Foster Mom (FM) and Foster Dad (FD) must have a sweet tooth… cuz dey named by brubbers and I after sweets – Saltwater Taffy, Caramel Cornelius and Rudy Beer […]

Extra Love Needed: Cricket the FIV Kitty

How old are you? I will be 2 May 8th. Where did your name come from? My daddy gave me my name since I was so little and was bouncing off the dogs like a cricket. How did you find your forever home? My grandma found me and my sister Isis in the wheel well […]